Dream of: 18 March 1998 "Belonging To A Church"

My sister was driving me through Portsmouth, headed east along Eleventh Street, the main east-west artery in Portsmouth. When we stopped at a red light, I noticed a second-hand store among the buildings on my right, and I glanced at the items in the display windows. I usually visited these stores when I returned to Portsmouth, and I thought I would probably stop by this one later.

As my sister continued driving, I was contemplating talking with her about the fellow she had been recently dating. I used to know this fellow long ago when I had lived in Portsmouth, and I knew that he was not only unsavory, but potentially dangerous. I couldn't understand why my sister was dating him, and I was unsure whether I should discuss the mater with her.

My sister was headed to the Franklin Avenue House (where she used to live). When we reached a street about a block away from the House – the street which passed close to the Logan Street House – I suddenly remembered that I had been having a number of dreams about this very street, that for some reason, this street had become prominent in my dreams. Since I often sent my sister copies of my dreams over the Internet, I wondered if she had noticed how often this street had been appearing.

I was surprised when I noticed that a large church which had been on the corner of the street was no longer there. I recalled the old church constructed of dull-red bricks had been quite beautiful, but now it had obviously been torn down. Another church was still standing on the other side of the street, but the other church wasn't nearly as pretty. Some men were gathered in the yard of the other church, performing some kind of intricate dance, almost like a ballet. I thought about how strange it must be to belong to a church. I simply didn't understand the concept. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching the men perform their dance, and I appreciated that such artistically inclined people could be found in Portsmouth.

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