Dream of: 10 March 1998 "Spiderman"

I had walked into a second-hand store on Gallia Street in Portsmouth, right in the general area where Luther's barber shop was. I was surprised to see boxes and boxes of comics books and immediately walked over to them. Although I hadn't been planning on buying any comics, I couldn't resist the temptation of at least looking at boxes of comics. I was especially intrigued by an issue of "Mad" magazine lying on the top of one of the boxes. When I picked up the magazine and looked at it more carefully, I saw that it appeared to be almost new. The cover was completely white except for the title and small black dots. I quickly surmised that the cover was a connect-the-dots puzzle. I thought I would like to have it. I wondered if it had a centerfold picture of a nude woman — it seemed to me that Mad magazine had such pictures.

I noticed a copy of "Spiderman" comic in the pile and picked it up. It up a dark cover with a bright cover of Spiderman fighting some foe. I would like to have it also, but I could see that I couldn't start buying a lot of comics.

Suddenly I heard a whistle and I knew immediately who it was — Carolina. She and I often whistled to get the other's attention. I looked in the direction of the whistle and saw Carolina, clothed in a white sweater, staring at me. I could tell that she was impatient for us to leave. I was ready to go anyway. The price on the "Spiderman" comic was $1.07, which seemed much too much to me. It appeared that the prices on all the comics and magazine was about two thirds of the new price. I certainly wasn't going to pay that much.

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