Dream of: 09 March 1998 "Twisted Sister"

While visiting downtown Mexico City, Mexico, I discovered that in order to find a good grocery store where I could buy some food, I would have to take a metro subway to an out-lying area. After buying my ticket, I quickly boarded the modern clean subway and sped to the area where the modern grocery store was supposed to be. When the subway stopped, I stepped off into what appeared to be a mall, and entered a store. Instead of looking for groceries, I became interested in some books. I sat down at a table and looked over some large colorful books, one of which was about the rock group, "Twisted Sister." Once I was finished reading, I stood up to leave. I was also carrying a book with me (one of my own) which listed books which I was interested in buying. Although my book was rather thick, I stuck it in my back pants pocket and walked out of the store.

I headed straight back to the subway, worried because I now realized when I had bought the subway ticket, I had bought a round-trip ticket, but that I had thrown away the return portion. Now I would have to buy another ticket, and I was uncertain that I would have enough money. Besides that, I only had dollars and I was uncertain of the exchange rate. It seemed that the last time I had been to Mexico City I had received 20 pesos to the dollar, but I could not remember for sure. I was also uncertain where to tell the man that I wanted to go. I thought I would just say "el centro," indicating that I wanted to go downtown.

When I stepped up to the window, I noticed a pile of money lying on the ground in front of the ticket booth. I told the man about the money, saying, "Hay mucho dinero en el fondo." I was unsure of the phrase "en el fondo." I was trying to say "on the floor" but was uncertain I had picked the right words. When the man seemed, I bent over and began picking up the money, placing it on the ticket counter. The money seemed to mostly consist of checks, but there were also some bills mixed in. The man seemed surprised and happy that I had given him the money.

I pulled out two one dollar bills and handed them to the man for my ticket. He handed me my ticket, as well as four one dollar bills and some Mexican bills. I knew he had made a mistake and given me back too much money. But my train was just about to pull out and I had to hurry to get on board. I felt a little guilty, because I knew I had recently decided that anytime anyone gave me too much change back, I would apprize them of their mistake, instead of simply keeping the extra money as I had done in the past. But I simply didn't have time — I had to get on the train.

After the train passed a few stops, I got off. Only when I was walking on the street did I realize I had made a mistake and gotten off too soon — I was probably only halfway to downtown. As I walked along the typical Mexican City street, I became a little worried. I had heard that it had become increasingly dangerous to walk around Mexico City. But when I saw a group of harmless-looking people walking toward me, I became less concerned. I saw a large cathedral nearby, and thought if necessary, I could slip in there. But mostly I was just concerned about how far I was going to have to walk. It looked as if it would be a long ways.

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