Dream of: 03 March 1998 "Shopping"

Carolina and I were standing in a large department store, looking at some items on display. We had been informed that the store was giving away everything, that we could take anything we wanted without paying for it. However, I wasn't particularly interested in anything, and doubted that I would participate in the give-away.

On the counter before us was a sizeable collection of silver coins. Some coins were quite old, and a few were even in bright uncirculated condition. I picked up a couple coins and showed them to Carolina, pointing out the dates. I picked up several more coins and began lining them up on the counter, trying to find a coin for each year for several years in a row. However, once I had laid the coins on the counter, they no longer looked like coins, but like sculptures of small silver trees, about 15 centimeters tall. The little sculptures were so well made and so exquisite, I finally relented and decided that since they were free, we might as well go ahead and take some. We pulled out a bag and began stuffing the sculptures inside.

Once I had decided to take the little sculptures, I thought I might as well go ahead and help myself to some more merchandise. I found a fantastic blue denim jacket, with rich heavy lining, which I put on and immediately decided to keep. I also noticed an electronics section next to where we were and thought I might as well help myself to some equipment – I particularly wanted a new VCR. However, I saw that I was going to have to act fast — other customers were busily grabbing up everything and it was obvious that there soon would be nothing left. I recalled that I had seen some large cloth bags on one of the counters. I found them again, picked one up and began filling it up.

Now I was stuffing anything I could find in the bag. Someone had started turning off the lights in the store (apparently it was closing time) and I was having trouble seeing. But that didn't stop me — I saw several small items sitting on one of the counter tops, scooped them up and threw them in the bag. I told Carolina to just grab whatever she wanted and stick it in the bag.

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