Dream of: 02 March 1998 "Message From God"

dreams contain many

communications from god

for awakened ones

I was investigating a woman (20-25 years old) who apparently had disappeared. I had not been able to find out much about her, but I had learned that she had used hallucinogenic drugs for a while.

I also learned that she had appeared in a video, a copy of which I found and began viewing. Although I had trouble following the video, the action appeared to be taking place in a Buddhist temple where Buddhist priests were standing here and there. Apparently the woman had once before been in the temple, and she herself may have even filmed the video.

Suddenly I heard a loud clang, as if from a bell or from cymbals, and I suddenly saw a theme developing in the movie: that God sometimes communicates directly with people. As I watched the video, I seemed to glide down toward the screen, and as the images on the screen became larger and larger, I realized that God was communicating to me right now. I was unsure, however, of the message, other than the simple message that God does indeed communicate with people.

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