Dream of: 20 February 1998 "Enlightenment"

I was visiting my old friend Steve Weinstein (around 40 years old) in his apartment in New York City. He was sitting and working assiduously at a high table which resembled something an artist might use. The table was so high that sometimes I had to float up to where he was sitting. I would float up to him, float back down, and sometimes float around the room. We were talking in Spanish, but he wasn't paying much attention to me. I noticed his Spanish actually seemed better than mine which seemed a bit rusty. I complemented him, "Tu espaol es muy bien."

He just shrugged off my compliment and didn't thank me. He did however say that he had started learning Spanish because of me, and that Spanish helped him combat all the people who believed in Christ. His comment made me recall that when we had first begun running around together after high school, we had had such high hopes for our lives. We had thought many people who had believed in bogus religions would snap out of their beliefs, but it hadn't happened. I commented, "I thought that enlightenment was going to come during my lifetime."

I had thought many people would become enlightened during my lifetime, but they hadn't. I added that most people "including myself" were just as ignorant as ever. I said, "Enlightenment seems to be the doctrine I adhere to, although actually I hadn't thought about it in a while."

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