Dream of: 19 February 1998 "The Trap"

A woman and her husband had been invited to visit a vacation resort, similar to something in Florida. The couple had arrived at a large mansion located on a small island. Once the husband and wife had entered the mansion and sat down, the man who owned the mansion came out. His name was Lionel.

When the man introduced himself, he held out his hand for the woman to shake. When she began shaking Lionel's hand, his whole arm and hand came off in her hand at the shoulder. She was left holding his hand and arm as Lionel just seemed to disappear. When the woman looked around, she realized her husband had also disappeared.

As the woman stood there, still holding the arm and hand, she began to realize that she was in a trap, and she began to feel hands grabbing her all over her body. She suddenly realized she would never be able to leave this island, that she was trapped here, as if she were in a nightmare from which she could never escape.

The woman began having visions of a man trapped in a tree, embodied in the tree, with his arms extending out like branches. At the same time the woman realized she was being punished for not having done what she was supposed to have done in life. She heard a voice which said, "You wish you'd done what you should have done in life."

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