Dream of: 18 February 1998 (2) "Strawberries And Footballs"

I was trying to remember a long complicated dream, but could only recall bits and pieces. I knew at one point in the dream, my sister and I had been having a sexual relationship. I knew we shouldn't be having the relationship, but since it had only been in a dream, I thought it didn't matter.

The more I contemplated the facts of the dream, the more I realized I was still dreaming. I thought I was close to waking up, but I thought there was still something which I needed in this dream. I thought I was supposed to receive some kind of message which would tell me something which I needed to do. Suddenly, I perceived a clue had been given to me. The clue was to consider how strawberries and footballs were the same. I thought they were similar because they were shaped the same. When I tried to visualize the shape of a football, it seemed to me it had the same shape as a strawberry.

It seemed very strange to me that I should receive a clue like this in a dream, because normally in a dream I didn't receive such an obvious message, that I was receiving a clue to the meaning of something. Usually a dream message wasn't so obvious as to say I was receiving a clue for the meaning of something.

Nevertheless, I realized the clue was also very strange, and I was uncertain of its real meaning. Even though I thought I had figured out that the shape of the strawberry and the football was the answer to the clue, I still didn't understand what the clue meant.

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