Dream of: 18 February 1998 "Functionaries Of A Church"

During my short stay in an Hispanic country south of the border of the United States, I had met a local woman and fallen in love. A thin woman with light brown hair, she was probably in her late 20s. I still didn't know much about her — I didn't even have her phone number. This presented a problem because I had to return to the United States, and I was unsure how I would contact her again. I finally decided I could call some mutual friends, a family in the city where I had met the woman. They knew both the woman and me and I was sure they would be able to contact her for me.

Now I needed to concentrate on my departure. I was already walking on the street, headed to the place whence I would be leaving the city. The buildings were squat and pressed together, mostly made of adobe. As I reached a small plaza, I became aware of some disturbance between some men in the plaza. The men were dressed in garb which made them look as if they had just steeped out of the Middle Ages. Some men even looked like medieval knights, all decked out in their shiny sliver armor. The knights were causing the problem in the plaza, and I soon found myself unwillingly drawn into it.

Two factions of knights were quarreling with each other — there may have been 20 knights on each side. When it became clear that the knights were going to have a full-fledged battle with each other, some other men who appeared to be dignitaries – perhaps functionaries of a church – intervened in the fracas. The dignitaries didn't intend to stop the battle, but merely to supervise it, to assure that the knights followed certain rules. As the dignitaries made the knights line up in lines facing each other, it also became clear that all available men in the plaza must participate in the battle. I was quite dismayed to realize this — I had no desire whatsoever to be involved in this dangerous squabble.

Fortunately, one dignitary chose me for a special task, so I would not actually have to fight — I was given the job of setting up lights so the battle could be filmed and recorded. Another man was assigned the task of actually directing the filming. He was my boss and began directing me where to set up several metal light stands. I set to work, arranging the lights so they would shine down between the two rows of opposing knights, who already had their lances drawn and pointing at each other, gleaming under the glow of the lights. I had to move the lights around several times, according to the instructions of the director. I had quickly taken a liking to him. He was a young man, and like I, seemed deeply relieved that he would not have to engage in battle but would only have to film it.

Although the plaza had been lit up from the light of the sun when I had started setting up the lights, I noticed that the sky now had turned almost as dark as night. The lights were now definitely necessary. But I was surprised to see when another source of lights was also brought in — a row of large rats, whose eyes shown like headlights, casting their beams out over the impending battlefield. The rats confused me; I was unsure whether they were also going to line up and take part in the battle, or whether they had only been brought in to produce more light.

It looked as if the film equipment was in place and that the battle would soon begin. I would be relieved when this whole affair was finished, and I could return to my own business.

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