Dream of: 15 February 1998 "Judgment"

My brother Chris and my sister (both about 10 years old) were lying in bed with me. I was supposed to be taking care of Chris, but I was much more interested in my sister. I rolled over toward her and began kissing her. Quickly aroused, I grasped her hand and slipped it down inside my pants. When she grasped my penis, I ecstatically kissed her over and over, at the same time trying to turn away from Chris so he wouldn't hear us.

Suddenly, something bothered me. A television had been playing earlier, but now I could no longer hear it. Without the noise of the television to drown our sounds, I was even more afraid Chris would hear what we were doing. As my concerns grew, I gradually began to realize I had been dreaming, that my fling with my sister had all been a dream.

Now I discovered 10-12 men seated around the bed, staring at me. I immediately knew these men were important figures from history, although I didn't know exactly who they were. I also knew they were sitting in judgment of me, judging the way I had been performing in my dream. They all looked disgusted with me. Seeing them invoked a vivid realization in me. In the past, I had always thought I could do whatever I wanted in my dreams without being judged for it. But now I realized that I couldn't do whatever I might want in my dreams, that what I did in my dreams was also important.

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