Dream of: 13 February 1998 "Nuclear Bomb"

A serious problem had developed. A gray fighter jet, carrying a nuclear bomb, was malfunctioning. The jet was flying slowly around the inside of a courtyard which was surrounded by dark tenement buildings. As I stood in the middle of the courtyard and watched the plane flying in circles just above my head, I could see the bomb — about a meter long — hanging horizontally under the plane. Clearly, the bomb itself was the problem — it was stuck and wouldn't fall from the plane.

I thought I might see a solution. Inside the courtyard were a couple buildings — garages or sheds — which the jet was barely flying over. I thought if the jet would come down just a little lower, the bomb could hit the top of one of the little buildings, and it would be knocked off. I began signaling to the lone pilot, whom I could clearly see in the cockpit. He also saw me, and he was obviously trying to understand my hand signals. Unfortunately, as he looked at me, he took his eyes off of where he was going, and suddenly he crashed into one building. But neither the plane nor the bomb exploded. Instead, the plane simply fell back onto its top, and lay upside down on the ground. It looked as if it were hardly damaged. I dashed toward it, thinking that at least it was on the ground, and the danger was probably ended.

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