Dream of: 09 February 1998 "Escaping The King"

A king and his retinue were following me up the side of an extremely steep and craggy hill. I had come to visit the king, who had taken me for a walk to survey part of his realm. Now as we headed back for his home, which was perched on top of the hill, I had jumped out ahead of them, hastening up the hill as fast as I could, leaving the others behind. Part of the time I even flew up the hill, becoming airborne as I agilely leapt from rock to rock. I was certain that the king must be impressed by my prowess.

What he thought was of little importance at this point. What was important was that I escape from the king, for in the course of our walk, I had become convinced that the king planned to do me harm, probably to kill me upon our return to the top of the hill. I hadn't let on that I knew, but instead had simply dashed out in front of the king and his party, hoping to reach the top of the hill before them, and to somehow escape.

When I was almost to the top of the hill, I stepped on a tree which was protruding out of the cliff, using it to climb up the cliff. The trunk of the tree had been painted white, and somewhat resembled a skull. When I stepped onto the tree, I dislodged it somewhat from the cliff. I could hear the king and his people gasp when they saw what I had done. Only then did I realize that this tree had something to do with the king's brother, that the king's brother somehow seemed to be embodied in the tree. It appeared that by dislodging the tree I had somehow injured the brother, and the king and his people were aghast at what I had done.

I didn't dally to study the ramifications. Faster than ever I climbed and flew up the cliff. I reached the house before anyone – a large white frame house – and I walked inside. No one else was around as I hurried through the rooms, trying to devise my escape. When I saw a door which appeared to lead out the back of the house, I opened it and looked outside. A rather startling sight met my eyes. A long narrow porch extended out over a high cliff. Standing at the very end of the porch were two ferocious lions, greedily devouring a large haunch of an animal. As soon as the lions saw me, they roared and made a movement toward me. I quickly stepped back inside and shut the door. But then again I opened the door, and once again the same thing happened – the lions roared and moved toward me. I shut the door and then opened it a third time. When the lions again roared and moved toward me, I shut the door and gave up – clearly I couldn't escape out this door.

I again hurried through the house, seeking another exit, sensing that my time was running out, that the king and his men would soon be upon me. I saw another door and opened it. I stepped out onto a small balcony and looked down. It looked as if this side of the house was built right on one edge of the cliff and that it was probably about a four-story drop off to the ground below, which was completely white as if covered with snow. Although a steep set of stairs plunged from the balcony to the ground below, I didn't think I had time for the stairs. So instead of walking, I stood on the side of the balcony and leapt out into the air.

Although my flying powers seemed strong, I immediately realized I might have made a mistake by jumping from such a height, for I began plummeting very fast toward the ground. Fortunately, just as I was about to reach the ground, I gained control and began leveling off. However I didn't land. Instead I continued flying just above the ground, which was only a small plateau. The hill actually appeared to be more like a mountain, and I began easily flying down the side, anxious to leave the area. I didn't want to have anything else to do with the king and his people and intended to simply fly away to avoid any confrontation. I saw no reason to ever return here again.

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