Dream of: 08 February 1998 "The Voice In The Radio"

A doctor had come to the house to visit my brother Chris, who was afflicted with muscular dystrophy. The doctor and I sat down in the kitchen, at a table which was pushed against the wall, so I was facing the wall. The doctor (probably in his early 40s) had light brown hair and was wearing glasses. Dressed neatly in a blue suit, he was trim and thin and appeared to be in good health. Apparently, his practice was to visit his patients at their homes instead of in his office. He also apparently considered advising the families of patients with severe diseases to be part of his job. I appreciated such a practice because my family certainly needed advice about how to care for Chris. I figured Chris was about 14-15 years old. His muscular dystrophy had already advanced considerably. I didn't know how much worse the illness would become or what the future held for Chris. I was in definite need of advice.

I picked Chris up in my hands. He looked like a small radio, about ten centimeters long, a creamy aqua color. Two round knobs were at the bottom of each side of the radio. By turning the knobs, I should be able to tune in Chris's voice. But I hardly ever did so. It seemed as if I had been neglecting to talk much with Chris lately. Referring to Chris, I said to the doctor, "You know we spend a lot of time together, but we don't talk that much."

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