Dream of: 07 February 1998 (2) "In The Doorway Of The Church"

My wife Carolina and I were walking down the street of a large city. In her arms, Carolina was carrying our recently born baby, wrapped in a white blanket. Up ahead of us I noticed some commotion — several men running through the street. Smoke was rising into the sky about a block away. We both stopped walking, continuing to stare down the street, until finally we were able to discern the flames of a growing fire. Firefighters were in the street, fighting the flames, and people were scurrying in all directions, but the flames continued to grow. I began to worry, afraid that the street might act as a vacuum, and that the flames could suddenly shoot right down the street at us. I needed to find a safe place for Carolina and the baby.

Fortunately, right next to us, towered a titanic cathedral. Other people were already standing on the cement steps leading up to the two wooden doors of the cathedral. I quickly guided Carolina toward the steps and walked with her up to the doors. I could see many people gathered inside, among whom stood Dan Alcorn (a Dallas attorney). I told Carolina to stay in the doorway, and that if the fire started coming down the street, she should rush into the cathedral. Meanwhile, I intended to walk back out onto the sidewalk to investigate the fire further.

Once I had again reached the sidewalk, I saw that the confusion in the street had increased. The fire was stronger and closer than ever. I even began worrying that if the fire suddenly raced down the street toward us, it might catch the church on fire, with Carolina inside. It looked as if it might be best to get Carolina and simply leave the entire area. Before I could move, however, some men began running down the street, away from the fire, right at me. They hit me with such force, they knocked me over the metal fence in front of the church. I was dazed for a moment, angry with the inconsiderate men, but more concerned about what I would do next. The situation seemed to be deteriorating rapidly, and I thought I needed to get Carolina and the baby out of there as fast as possible.

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