Dream of: 06 February 1998 "The Volcano"

A fellow who was a fairly close friend had traveled with me to a tropical country for a vacation. We were standing in a spacious room with a thatched roof and no walls, the kind of structure found in tropical climate. The room was used for dancing and sported a fine hardwood floor. Several of the brown-skinned natives were milling about, apparently waiting for the dance to soon begin. Most weren't wearing shoes. I reflected that they must be used to stomping their feet on the hard floor, because the type of dancing which was done here required a lot of foot-stomping. I also was shoeless, even though I knew most tourists such as myself normally wore shoes. I also wasn't wearing a shirt, and was slightly self-conscious that perhaps I should have worn shoes and shirt.

A blonde girl (probably in her late teens) dressed in white stepped up and spoke to my friend and me. This was the second time that we had met the girl — we had encountered her here once before. I had also encountered another girl here the last time — Carolina. I had been quite attracted to Carolina (although I had no idea that she would someday be my wife). However I hadn't told anyone of my attraction because Carolina was so young (only about 15 years old). She had short jet-black hair, dark eyes and cinnamon skin. I liked everything about her. But most of all, I liked her innocent nature.

I asked the blonde girl if she knew where Carolina was. She said she did, and I asked her if she would go and get Carolina for me. The blonde feigned surprise that I would be asking for Carolina, but I could tell that she had expected me to ask. She said that she would go and get Carolina, and that she would be back in a few minutes.

After she walked off, I began thinking that it might be best if I put on a pair of shoes and a shirt. I thought I would have time to do so before Carolina and the blonde returned. My friend and I walked out and boarded a car which he drove, and headed off for my clothes.

When we returned, I was neatly dressed in tee shirt and tennis shoes. As we pulled up again to the thatched dance hall, I was afraid that the girls might have returned while we had been absent, and finding us missing, might have left. But I was happy to see both girls standing inside the structure. I had thought Carolina might be barefoot, but when I saw that she was wearing a pair of hiking shoes, I was glad that I had put on shoes and a shirt.

My friend and I walked into the dance hall and began talking to the girls. Carolina seemed surprised that I had asked to see her again. She wasn't talkative, but I could tell she was glad to see me. My friend and I began talking about what we were going to be doing during our stay here. I hadn't realized whole area was built atop a volcano. I was shown a picture on the wall which showed the dance hall and surrounding structures. A little ways in the distance, amidst the green jungle, could be seen the bright red-flowing lava, seeping out of the top of the volcano. I was told that it was possible to visit the lava flow and walk right up to the edge of it. It sounded like a marvelous idea. It was beginning to look as if there might be many things I would be able to do here. I might end up staying for a couple of months.

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