Dream of: 04 February 1998 "Stolen Dog"

I had just boarded my car and started driving down the street, when I suddenly realized my pet Dalmatian Chaucer had jumped into the car with me, but my pet Dalmatian Picasso had been left behind. I quickly turned around and headed back to the place where I had started. To do so, I had to drive back over a concrete bridge, and while on the bridge, saw that a car was coming straight toward me on my side of the road. Just as I was about to put on the brakes, I realized I had been mistaken – the other car was actually traveling in the same direction as I, and I didn't need to worry about it. I just hoped the other car didn't break down in front of me – it was spewing out quite a bit of smoke.

As soon as I reached the other side of the bridge, I saw Picasso strutting along in the grass on the side of the road, up ahead on my right. But before I could reach him, an old green car pulled up next to Picasso. Someone opened up the passenger door and Picasso promptly hopped into the car. The driver – a frizzy-haired woman (about 40 years old) – stepped out of the car on the driver's side for a moment, but quickly got back in the car.

Realizing that someone was trying to steal Picasso, I jammed down on the gas, intending to pull up beside the car and cut it off. But to my utter dismay, my car wouldn't move; it just sat in the middle of the road with the engine revving. I was too far away from the other car to jump out and reach it in time. I tried to read the license plate, which was red, like a Michigan license plate; but it was too far away and I couldn't see the numbers. I kept tromping on the gas pedal, but the car wouldn't move. It looked as if the person was going to get away with Picasso.

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