Dream of: 03 February 1998 "Unexpected Encounter"

As I was talking on the phone, I laid the phone down for a moment and stepped away. When I again stepped back to the phone and picked it up, I could hear two voices on the phone — the person to whom I had originally been talking, and another woman. Eavesdropping on the conversation, I quickly inferred that the new woman on the line was trying to bribe the other person into doing something. I also concluded that the new woman was the ambassador to El Salvador. After listening to the entire conversation, I hung up the phone and walked out of the room.

As I entered the adjoining room, I encountered the very woman who had been talking on the phone, the woman whom I identified as the ambassador to El Salvador. She was a good-looking woman (about 40 years old). When she walked up to me, I could tell that she suspected that I had overheard what she had been saying on the phone, and she immediately began denying that she had made any attempts to bribe anyone. I had intended to ignore the entire incident, but her denial made me so angry, I stepped right up to her in her face told her that I knew for sure that she had been trying to bribe someone. When I threatened to use my knowledge against her, her demeanor abruptly changed, crestfallen, as if she were now uncertain what she would do.

But I realized everything I was saying to the woman was pure rubbish. Although I had overheard the conversation, I had no intention of entwining myself in this woman's affairs. I had only spoken to her because I had felt compelled by her denial. But I already had enough problems in my life without insinuating myself into this woman's business.

Suddenly I felt someone tap me on the back and I turned around. Another woman standing behind me demanded, "I want to talk to you right now."

I immediately recognized this woman. Although I had been completely ignoring her lately, this was the woman whom I truly loved. She was a thin woman (probably in her mid 20s) with short brown hair. She was dressed in a brown sweater and brown slacks and was holding a book in one hand in front of one of her breasts. I replied to her, "Oh you, on top of everything."

Even though I was in love with the woman, I didn't really want to face her at the moment. It seemed that my life was in quite a mess, and I had enough problems without this unexpected encounter. On top of everything, I realized I had alcohol on my breath, that I had been drinking a lot just a short while ago. I was sure the woman would smell the alcohol on me and be disappointed, since she didn't think I was the type to drink much. But it looked as if I were going to have to talk with her whether I wanted to or not.

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