Dream of: 02 February 1998 "New Student"

I was sitting in the back left corner (from my perspective) of a classroom. I was thinking about the lesson which I hadn't completed, and another class which I needed to go to. The teacher (who looked a bit like my high school history teacher, Mary Krausz) walked in and announced that she was going to pass out some candy to the students. Two fellows began walking along the desks with dishes of candy. When one of them reached me, I took a small flat piece of candy wrapped in cellophane. Then one of the fellows set a plate of orange wedges next to me. I took three pieces, even though I knew I was being greedy.

I noticed that my hair had become quite long and was hanging down past my eyes. I appeared to be the only person in room with long hair; but then I noticed two or three other fellows with long hair. One fellow's hair was completely white. They seemed to be able to comb their hair out of their face better than I was doing.

The teacher finally introduced a new female student. I wondered where she was from. She had a strange name which sounded as if she might be from India. Probably about 18 years old, she had long black hair and was very pretty. Dressed all in white, she stood up and then sat back down. I thought I would like to get to know her.

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