Dream of: 30 January 1998 "Old Spark Plugs"

My father and I were in a room crammed with junk. Another man was also in the room helping clean up the place. My father had already cleared a path through the mess. I picked up a brown paper sack full of metal items, mostly nails. On top of the nails were some old spark plugs. I showed the sack to my father and told him my step-grandfather Clarence had put the old spark plugs on top of the nails. I said I would throw away the old spark plugs because they would never be used. I reflected on how senseless it was to keep old spark plugs. I told my father I would put the nails in a large can. I did find a large can with red and white designs on its side, but it already was full of Christmas decorations and a green blanket. 

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