Dream of: 25 January 1998 "Into The Fissure"

Floating along above the ground, in an upright standing position, I was enjoying the feeling of flying. About 20 meters from me, my old friend, Steve Weinstein, along with two or three other people, was also floating along, just as I was doing. He thought I wasn't going to be able to maintain my floating position for long, but actually I was flying much better than he.

Both Steve and I were undergoing a test of our flying abilities and it was important for me to rise higher above the ground than where I was presently flying. I would need to begin rising soon, because up ahead were some small hills over which we would need to fly. I could only see the peaks of the hills, because the bottom of the hills was enshrouded in fog. As we all moved closer to the hills, I began rising higher; Steve was watching me, impressed by how well I was flying.

The area around me had quickly grown dark, except for a light – about the brightness of a full moon – which seemed to be shining down on me from above on my right. As I turned my head to look at the light, to see where it was coming from, the light seemed to surge within me, filling me up with power. Turning fully toward the light, still flying through the air, I spread out my arms on both sides of me, so the full force of the light could strike me in the breast. As the light pierced me, I had a fleeting vision of a group of Christian saints, who seemed to have somehow been responsible for the light. Having absorbed the light, realizing I had passed some kind of test, I continued on with my flight.

Just ahead of me, I looked down and saw that the earth had been cleft, split by a wide fissure. Ordinarily I was supposed to stay above the earth when I was flying, but now that I had been imbued with the power from the light, I knew I should descend into the earth, that there was something down there which I had to meet. It wasn't clear to me what was down below, but I thought it had something to do with "the dead," and that if I went down into the fissure, I would have a short, but magnificent experience. I flew toward the hole, trying to prepare myself. I didn't know what was going to happen down under, but I knew it would be significant.

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