Dream of: 23 January 1998 "Story Composition"

I was watching a story unfold in my mind, a story which I intended to write. I was intrigued by how each succeeding scene in the story would come into my mind. At the beginning of the story, rumors had circulated that some kind of being would come into the body of a person and take over the body. It was said that the being preferred to take to the bodies of men, instead of women, and that the being preferred to find a very strong man who had a woman. It was also known that the being enjoyed experiencing the feelings of the people which the being inhabited.

In another scene, I viewed a strong muscular man with his wife (both about 30 years old). Both had dark hair and appeared quite virile. The being chose the man to inhabit, and took over his body. The man then began making love with the woman. But as they were making love, the woman realized this person wasn't actually her husband.

To myself, I thought it was amazing that the woman was so in tune with her husband, that even though the man with her looked exactly like her husband, she knew that it wasn't he. She stopped making love, but she didn't say anything, because she realized the danger she was in. The woman rose from the bed, and suddenly made a dash from the room. The man jumped out of the bed and began chasing her.

The story jumped ahead to another scene. I now saw two detectives who had arrived at a hotel and were questioning a man at the front desk. It turned out that the man and woman had been staying in the hotel, and the detectives were now trying to locate them. The detectives had found a trace of blood in the room where the couple had been staying, and were now in the process of piecing together what had happened to the couple. The detectives had concluded that the woman had escaped, but they still didn't know what had happened to her.

At first the man at the desk didn't want to answer the questions of the detectives. Finally, however, the detectives made it clear that this was a federal case, and explained that the man and woman had been working for the federal government, before the man had been taken over by the being. The detectives also revealed that while working for the government, the man and woman had been employed as couriers, and that they had been transporting five million dollars worth of jewelry from one point to another. When the man at the desk heard all this information, he finally realized he needed to cooperate.

I tried to bring the next stage of the story to my mind since I was anxious to see what would happen. I was unsure where the story would go from here, but was satisfied that it was moving along fairly well.

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