Dream of: 09 January 1998 "Lions"

Some men were trying to capture me; it was a rather desperate situation. I was on foot on a country road in another country, probably Australia. Although the men chasing me were nowhere in sight, I anticipated that they could show up in a car at any moment. Unsure of what I would do if my pursuers appeared, I scoured the surrounding countryside. Clearly I was in a rolling farming area with wide undulating fields stretching out all around me. A crop had recently been harvested from the field on one side of the road, and I looked at the clipped brown plants and wondered what they were: probably wheat.

A young boy (not more than 12 years old) came walking along the road. Seeing him, I immediately became alarmed, because I realized he could also be in danger if the men following me were to show up. Suddenly I heard a car coming down the road. I quickly summoned the boy to me and told him that he must hide. He docilely headed off the side of the road with me, into a rock-studded slopping hillside. I quickly lay down on the ground and he also found a place to hide about 10 meters from me.

I was surprised to see three brown rabbits playing not far from me. I also noticed a small orange animal, something like a cat but obviously not a cat, approaching the rabbits. I figured the cat-like animal was going to try to catch one of the rabbits. I enjoyed seeing wild animals like this, but something suddenly caught my eye that shocked me: two large male lion were standing not far from the boy; it appeared that the lions were going to attack the boy. The only way I could stop them was to expose myself. I jumped up and began hollering at the lions to get their attention.

The lions, which seemed somewhat smaller than normal lions, immediately reeled in my direction. Their flowing manes framed their regal miens. Only one lion headed toward me and I braced for the assault. When the lion reached me and pounced on me, I grabbed its mane and began wrestling with it. I was able to get the best of the lion, managing to subdue it. When the car I had heard pulled up near us, I saw that the people in the car were a family, and not the men who were chasing me. I hollered for them to help me, but clearly they weren't inclined to do so. Still holding the lion's mane, I dragged it over to the car, opened up the back door and threw the lion into the back seat of the car. But I immediately felt guilty about what I had done: even though the people had been unwilling to help me, I probably should not have thrown the lion in their car – it could possibly seriously injure someone in the car.

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