Dream of: 08 January 1998 "Building A House"

I had begun building a large house; I had already laid the foundation and the wooden floor. I sat down on the floor in one room and looked it over. The floor, which had already been varnished, was slightly uneven, but still basically in fine shape. I reflected how often I had seen houses like this in Mexico, houses which were begun but which hadn't been completed. I was anxious to finish the house, but I was unsure when I was going to do it.

Several other people were walking around, examining the work. I didn't recognize any of them and I was unsure they knew I was the builder of the house.

Finally I stood up and walked over to the edge of the room and looked out over the vista. The house sat atop a small knoll, with the ocean and a beach on one side of it. Without hesitation, I jumped off the floor of the house and began flying out over the beach. I wondered if anyone were watching me – I didn't think so.

I enjoyed flying. My only fear was a sudden gust of wind my catch me and blow me away. I tried to stay low close to the ground, doing a good job of controlling my flying. When I noticed a man and woman walking along the beach, I swooped down close to them, thinking they might see me, but they didn't pay any attention. Only when I finally landed on a small sandy hillock did the man and woman walk up close to me. Before they reached me, I jumped off the edge of the hillock and began flying again. This time I was sure they saw me, because I heard them gasp, as if they were afraid I was going to hurt myself. I turned toward them and hovered in the air in front of them. Once they saw that I was able to fly and that I hadn't fallen, they were no longer concerned. They seemed utterly un-impressed that I was able to hover in the air in front of them. They turned away, back to their own business.

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