Dream of: 05 January 1998 "Construction Worker"

I had heard about a town called "Mineral Springs" which wasn't far north of Dallas. A tranquil pool of blue water was supposed to be in the town. I thought I would like to go there to simply sit and meditate while looking at the water. It seemed to me there was something mystical about the place which most people failed to grasp.


While I was standing and urinating in a urinal in a public bathroom in Mineral Springs, a middle-aged woman walked in and stood behind me. I hated it when people did that, trying to hurry me up. I finished my business as quickly as I could and walked outside.

Outside, a construction project was underway next door where a building, five or six stories tall, was being built. I heard someone mention that water lines were being installed in the building to reinforce the structure. Men standing on scaffolding outside the building were pushing black strips of rubber into the building's walls, which were constructed from large rocks. As I watched the men work, I reflected that a man didn't have to be very strong to do that kind of work. That's what I should have done with my life — I should have been a construction worker.

Not all of the building was new. In front was a small brick building onto which the rest of the structure was being built. It made sense to me. The small brick building had probably been used by the owner for many years. The owner had grown attached to the old brick building, and instead of tearing it down, had simply decided to build the vast addition onto it. I understood how he felt.

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