Dream of: 02 January 1998 "Shuffling Madness"

The lead singer from the old rock and roll group "Jethro Tull" was talking with Carolina and me about the band's music. Probably in his fifties, the lead singer had a slightly bulky build and kinky black hair. I told him I used to listen to Jethro Tull's albums a lot when I had been a teenager, and that my friends at that time had always had some of his albums lying around. I asked him which of his albums he thought had been his best, and he gave the name of an album which he had made with someone else. I didn't think I had ever listened to that particular album, although Carolina said she thought I had the album in my collection.

I was surprised that he hadn't thought the album "Aqualung" – my favorite – had been his best. I told him that "Aqualung" would probably become a classic and live through the ages. I could even remember some of the lyrics of one of the songs on "Aqualung" and recited them to him, "In the shuffling madness, locomotive breath, runs the all time loser, headlong to his death." I told him I had also liked the album entitled "Stand Up" and another album with a blue cover whose name I couldn't remember.

I wondered what hanging around with someone like this fellow would be like. I recalled that I had once heard him speak on the radio, giving an interview to the radio personality Howard Stern, and I wondered if he and Stern ever ran around together, or whether they only associated when they were doing radio interviews. The image in my mind of the two of them together became so vivid, I could actually see them walking together down a Manhattan street, taking their leave of me. Stern, with his long black hair, looked as if he were in particularly good shape.

Only after they had walked away did I remember another reason that I used to listen to "Jethro Tull" – the lead singer had played a flute, just like I also used to play the flute. Of course my flute playing had never been anywhere near as good as his playing. I wished I had told him how much I had liked his flute playing.

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