Dream of: 30 December 1997 "Paddle-Wheel"

My father was driving a recreational vehicle in which several members of my family and I were riding. As we pulled down toward the bank of the Ohio River, I told my father I had recently purchased a large paddle-wheel boat which should be docked at the area which we were approaching. When we pulled up on the bank and were able to look out over the river, however, no boat was anywhere in sight. Instead, we saw dozens of camp sights along both sides of the river. Apparently people were flocking in for some scheduled event.

I immediately became concerned about my paddle-wheel boat. I told my father I had paid $15,000 for the boat, and that I had nothing to show for it except the title, which I pulled out and showed to him. Since I hadn't actually taken possession of the boat, I became alarmed that I might have been swindled. I could hardly believe I could have been so stupid as to give someone the money for the boat without actually receiving the boat at the same time. I was uncertain what I would do.

My father, looking for a place to park, spotted a parking spot on the opposite shore. The river wasn't wide there, about the width of a creek. Nevertheless, I was amazed when my father simply drove the RV into the muddy water and began floating to the other side. We had no problems, but by the time we reached the opposite bank, we were no longer in the RV, but simply swimming in the water. A half dozen or so members of my family huddled around my father close to the shore. I heard him refer to two of the boys as "Charlie" and "David." I knew I was somehow related to the two, but the relationship was unclear. I only remembered that one was crippled in some way, but I couldn't remember the exact nature of the problem.

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