Dream of: 27 December 1997 "Tornado"

While on the Gallia County Farm, I looked out toward the hill in the northwest, and saw a huge black cloud which covered the whole sky, swirling in the direction of the Farmhouse. It looked like a tornado, although I couldn't see any funnel cloud in it. I realized it would strike the House in a matter of minutes, and that I must hurry down to the basement. I looked down at the bottom of the hill in back of the House, where I could see another white frame house, where I knew my grandmother Mabel and my step-grandfather Clarence were living. I could see a light on in the house and knew that they must be home; I could run down and warn them of the black cloud. But I knew I wouldn't have enough time, and if I ran down there, we could all be killed. I decided I would simply not be able to warn them. I began calling for my pet Dalmatian Picasso. At least I could save him.

I began imagining what it would be like if the tornado hit the House while I was in the basement. My imagination was so vivid, it was as if I actually saw the House being blown off its foundation to the bottom of the hill and landing on the house where my grandparents were living. I could just imagine myself lying in the basement and looking up to the sky above, with the house having been blown completely away. I thought I would probably survive, as long as no loose timbers fell down on me.

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