Dream of: 26 December 1997 (2) "Encyclopedia"

Quite a few people were gathered on the Gallia County Farm, watching and helping me move some things for storage into the attic of the milk house. I was surprised to see the attic had been mostly cleared out so there was ample storage space. I needed to dispose of a pile of old newspapers which someone had tossed into the middle of the floor; but other than that, the area was fairly clean.

I was unsure who all was present. A baby boy (not more than a couple years old) was underfoot on the outside stairs leading up to the top of the milk house. I had to pick him up and set him back on the ground, afraid he might fall. My grandmother Mabel was also standing around. She had black hair and looked healthy (as if she might be in her 50s). Wheat and Melanie had also shown up. I was standing at the top of the stairs to the milk house when I looked down and saw Melanie. She had brought some things to give me, things which she didn't want any more. She asked me if I wanted an old set of encyclopedias and she pulled out one large blue-backed volume. I told her encyclopedias were probably the last thing we needed; we already had several old sets stored on the Farm. I reflected, however, I might be able to use the encyclopedias for collage pictures, or just leave them sitting around in some out-of the-way place to read occasionally.

Melanie mentioned that she had already been up by the Farmhouse and that she had spoken to a woman who she thought was my girlfriend. I quickly realized she was talking about my old girlfriend, Carolyn, who had also been visiting. I also knew Carolyn was leaving because I had broken up with her

I was feeling rather depressed. I had lost quite a bit of money in the stock market, and I had retreated to the Farm as a refuge. I wondered if everyone now looked at me as a failure, especially my father. Of course maybe it was all for the best; maybe I had learned a lesson in humility, and people would actually like me better.


I was in the back seat of a car which Wheat was driving. Melanie was sitting beside him in the front passenger seat. We were on a highway in a city, and it seemed to me that Wheat was driving extremely fast. I was holding one of my pet Dalmatians in my arms, wishing Wheat would slow down, but he simply kept speeding along.

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