Dream of: 26 December 1997 "Reprobate"

 My father had hired a scruffy gaunt man to haul away some junk from my father's warehouse on Third Street in Portsmouth, Ohio. The man looked just like Joe St. George (the character played by David Strathairn in the movie Dolores Claiborne  – the character of a scraggly husband who molested his own daughter). After my father had hired him, the man had hired me to help him haul the junk. After the man and I had stuffed the junk into black garbage bags, we piled the bags into the back of the man's pickup truck and hauled the bags away to a place where the man could sell the junk. We both went inside to sell the junk, and after the man had been paid and was holding the receipt, I saw that he had received $166.00.

Only now did I realize I was uncertain how much I was being paid for my work. I wasn't even sure how much I should request. I began calculating that $2 an hour would be sufficient, but then I began raising the figure. Finally, however, I realized the sums which I was contemplating didn't even reach the minimum wage. I was uncertain, but I thought the minimum wage was $5 an hour – so I decided to ask for that.

As the man and I walked out of the place where he had sold the junk, I told him how much I wanted and he acted as if my request were out of the question. He stuffed the money he had received into his coat pocket and ignored me.

The building had a front lawn, and as we walked toward the sidewalk, a pretty young girl (about 10 years old) was standing in the grass. Just as the man and I reached the front sidewalk and were about to pass the girl, the man reached out and touched the girl's cheek. Suddenly I realized what was going on here: the man knew this little girl and was thinking of molesting her. I now recalled that this man had a history of molesting young girls. I'd been aware of this sordid part of his nature, but I'd thought he had stopped and turned over a new leaf. Now however I realized he was as sick as ever.

I wasn't going to permit it. I grabbed the man and threw him to the ground, allowing the girl an opportunity to slip away. I struggled with the man for a few minutes, then finally permitted him to stand back up. Obviously I wasn't going to have anything more to do with him.

I still wanted to be paid for the work I'd done. The money he'd received was hanging from his coat pocket and I tried to grab some. He sidestepped me, and as he backed up, I was astounded to see he had pulled out his penis.

As I stepped back, the reprobate aimed his penis at me and began urinating. A thin yellow line squirted forcefully toward me. I backed up, but to my utter chagrin, I couldn't seem to get out of the way, and the warm urine splashed over me. I continued to retreat, but the pressurized stream of urine, although thin, was as strong as a water hose, and I couldn't seem to escape. I hollered at the man calling him a "bastard," and screaming that I was going to tell my father not to pay him for the work he'd done. I kept backing up, trying to escape the tepid shower. Nothing like this had ever happened to me. It was just too disgusting.

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