Dream of: 23 December 1997 "Fantasy"

As I was walking around a spacious grocery store, I began having a fantasy about a fellow having sex with his mother. I imagined the mother as a young black-haired woman with a shapely body accented by large firm breasts. She was standing in the buff, next to a bed, in front of her son who was trying to persuade her to perform fellatio on him. Although the woman had performed the act many times in the past, she would only willingly oblige when she was intoxicated by alcohol, which she wasn't at the present. On occasion in the past, the son had forced himself on his mother even when she had been cold sober, and he had even discovered that he had been more excited during the forced encounters than in the permitted ones. So now his mind was once again gearing up to the stimulating thoughts of throwing his mother on the bed, seizing her hair and having his way with her against her will. .

When I snapped out of my reverie, I realized I had a bulging erection, highly inappropriate for a grocery store. I had sat down in a chair in front of a candy display, the kind containing different bins of small pieces of colorfully wrapped candy which can be scooped out into bags and weighed. I was unsure how long I had been sitting here, but I thought perhaps as long as 15 minutes, obviously too long. I certainly hoped no one had noticed. And I especially hoped no one had noticed the inflated bulk in my pants.

As I stood up, I thought of casually picking up a piece of candy and eating it, as if I had just been sitting here examining the candy instead of having sexual fantasies. But I realized it wasn't permitted to eat the candy without buying it first. I picked up my black blue jean jacket which I had taken off, and put it back on. And just as I was about to walk away from the stand, I noticed my pet Dalmatian Picasso was also with me. His being in the store with me seemed a little strange and I couldn't seem to remember whether I was accustomed to bringing him into the grocery store. Even if I were so accustomed, surely I shouldn't have let him run around untended for 15 minutes in the store. Now I just hoped we could both make an unnoticed exit.

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