Dream of: 19 December 1997 "Flying Superman Style"

power and control are synonymous

I was effortlessly flying - about ten meters high - down the quiet street of a town. Although many people were walking on the street below me, I was unsure whether anyone was watching me. I was flying Superman style, on my stomach with my arms stretched out in front of me, but I wasn't traveling fast, merely floating along in hover mode. At one point I had an excellent view of my whole body from outside of myself, hovering over the street. My only problem was lack of control. I didn't have sufficient grasp of the mechanics of flying, and I had difficulty understanding exactly how I was able to fly like this. It seemed as if I were dependent on air currents, although I couldn't exactly feel any movement of air. The idea of being borne along by air currents frightened me because I thought I would be completely at the mercy of the wind. A sudden gust might carry me so high that I could loose complete control and crash.

I was trying to reach a definite place: a Seven-Eleven store at the end of the street. After much flying, I finally arrived at the corner of the store, still about ten meters above the ground. Attached to the store and rising to my height was an antique-appearing lamp, enclosed in black wrought-iron. Just as floated up to the store, a little piece of the metal broke off the lamp and tumbled to the ground far below. I reached over and tried to straighten the remaining skewed pieces of the lamp, hoping that no one below would think I was responsible for the broken piece. Finally I succeeded it straightening the lamp as best I could.

Just as I was ready to descend to the ground, a man walked out of the store, looked up at me, and announced that he had some "night-time snacks" for me. When he asked me if I wanted any, I replied, "Sure." My original purpose in coming to the store had been to buy some snacks, so his offer was quite welcome. I thought the man must be offering me the snacks because he was so impressed by my flying that he wanted reward me. Slowly I began floating down, descending toward the man.

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