Dream of: 15 December 1997 "Coincidence"

While my father and another man were receiving a haircut in a barber shop, I walked around the nearby area (which seemed to be in a mall), and strolled into a library, thinking I might pick up a book, perhaps a book by Charles Dickens, perhaps Little Dorrit. It seemed as if I had already seen a movie based on the book and now I thought I would like to actually read it.

Instead of the book, however, I saw some record albums and began flipping through them. If I were going to listen to some music, I would like something with poetic lyrics; so I went straight to the Bob Dylan albums, where I found several albums which I thought I might like to hear. It seemed as if I already owned copies of the same albums, but I had stored them somewhere and I didn't have access to them any more.

I was surprised to discover an album by Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan – I hadn't known they had ever collaborated. Examining the album more closely, I saw that it only contained a couple songs on each side. Although I thought I might like to listen to it, I was afraid it might be all instrumental, and I wanted something with lyrics.

Buying an album, however, presented a problem: listening to albums wouldn't be practical for me right now because I was living with my father and my mother in the upstairs of a house. Since we all lived so close together, playing music without disturbing anyone would be difficult. So finally I abandoned the whole idea and walked out of the place without any albums.

I continued my promenade through the mall-like area until I walked into a clothing store, where I picked up a short-sleeved light-blue button-down shirt and put it on. I walked out, and was still buttoning the shirt when I arrived back at the barber shop where my father and the other man were just coming out. I had been thinking of getting a haircut myself, but I realized that my father and the other man were ready to leave and that there was no time for another haircut. Besides, I hadn't realized how late it was. The barber looked at his watch and said it was ten to seven.


As my father, the other man and I headed by car to our destination, the Gallia County Farm, I realized the entire episode at the barber shop and the mall had been a dream, and as we rode along, I began recounting the dream to my father. It took me a moment to remember the identity of the other man in the barber shop in the dream, but finally I recalled that he had been my mother's father Liston. As we finally pulled up to the rear door of the Farmhouse, my father mentioned it was ten till seven. I told him that that was an amazing coincidence, because it had been exactly ten to seven in the dream when I had left the barber shop.

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