Dream of: 12 December 1997 "Grave Misgivings"

While several people and I were riding together in a compartment on a passenger train, a thin black woman among us was somehow murdered. I knew the woman, although my relationship with her wasn't entirely clear. I pulled out a pencil and a piece of paper and made some notes concerning her death. I wrote down the exact date of the death and some other relevant information. I also drew a simple picture of her face.

However, by the time the train stopped, I had decided that I and the other passengers in the compartment should try to distance ourselves from the murder as much as possible. Although I hadn't committed the murder, I was afraid that if I became involved in an investigation, I might be blamed.

When the train finally stopped, one of the other men in the compartment wanted to keep the paper with the information I had written down. But I insisted that the paper remain with me. I now realized the paper contained damaging information that couldn't be allowed to fall into the hands of the authorities. So as soon as we debarked the train, when no one else was looking, I threw the paper into a trash can. All of us then walked off in our separate ways.

But I hadn't walked far when a thought struck me: I shouldn't have thrown the paper in the garbage can where someone might find it. A deluge of worries swept over me about how if the paper were found, I might be connected with the murder. The handwriting could be analyzed and proven to be mine. The picture of the woman could be relevant in proving who she was. And I had even written down the exact date of the murder; with that information it might be able to be proved that I was with the woman on the date she was murdered.

I hurried back to the trash can and looked inside. To my chagrin, the paper was already covered by more trash — I couldn't even see it. I couldn't risk digging through the trash; too many people were around who might notice what I was doing and begin asking questions. Glumly I turned and walked away. Hopefully the paper would just disappear in the dump. But I had grave misgivings that it would somehow be found and used against me.

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