Dream of: 09 December 1997 (2) "Evil Spirit"

While I was on the Gallia County Farm, standing on the hill by the old tobacco barn, two middle-aged men, obviously lost, came waking down the hill behind the barn. The men appeared to be hunters and were carrying a topographical map with them. They asked me if I could point out to them the boundaries of the Farm. They waited a few minutes while I finished something on which I was working. Then I began pointing to the area on the other side of Symmes Creek at the bottom of the hill and told them the land over there was government land. As I pointed I noticed a high rock cliff which I had never seen before on the federal land. The cliff, which towered high over us, had a distinctive rock formation on its summit. The men also saw the formation of gray rock, which they identified as the "crane." To me, however, the rock looked like a gigantic skull. I thought it looked more like a skull. I also pointed out the land on the other side of the field to the east of the Farmhouse and said that the land beyond that field also belonged to the government.

From where I was standing, I could also look down to the barns at the bottom of the hill behind the Farmhouse. There I noticed a structure I had never seen before: what appeared to be a huge water tower. But it appeared that the tower contained gas and not water, for I noticed that a man with a gas can was on top of the tower, trying to take out some gas. I hollered to the man and asked him what he was doing. When he didn't respond, I hollered again and told him to stop and come down. But he just ignored me and continued filling up his can. Not until he was finished did he began climbing down the tower. I thought I might go down to the tower and try to catch the man when he reached the ground. But as soon as he set foot down on solid earth, he began running. I gave chase but he had a big lead on me. I hollered to the two other men to help, and they also began chasing the man. Finally I caught him by a car near where the old gray milk house used to stand. I held him and pushed him down over the hood of the car.

Just then another car pulled up and a deputy sheriff who resembled Barney Fife (the character played by Don Knotts in the television series "The Andy Griffith Show") stepped out. He was dressed in a brown uniform and a brown hat. He immediately took custody of the man and put him in the police car. Apparently someone in the Farmhouse had called the deputy. I heard the deputy say that the fellow would be held until a hearing at two o'clock the following day. Although the hearing wouldn't be an actual trial, a prosecuting attorney would present some evidence at the hearing. When I asked where the hearing would be held, the deputy said it would be in a barn in Riley. Believing Riley to be a nearby community, I figured I would probably attend the hearing.


In a graveyard at night, I was surrounded by old tall white tombstones. The grave markers seemed to have Hebrew letters on them, and I thought I might be in a Jewish cemetery.

I had the feeling that the man whom the deputy had earlier arrested was now somewhere in this graveyard. I now realized the man was an evil spirit who could take various forms. I thought he might even take the shape of a small child. Whatever form he might take, I thought it was inevitable that I was gong to have to do battle with him and I braced myself for the coming fight.


I had had a battle with the evil spirit and had defeated him. In the course of the battle I had reduced him to a lump about the size of a baseball and had wrapped him up in a piece of cloth. I was now standing before a stove in the milkhouse at the bottom of the hill, thinking of throwing the lump into the fire. I hesitated to do such a thing because I knew I would be killing the man. But finally I tossed him into he red flames and shut the door. I was uncertain I had done the right thing, but now it was over.

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