Dream of: 04 December 1997 "Driving Erratically"

Although I was sitting in the driver's seat of the car, my mother, who was sitting in the back seat, was actually driving the car. She seemed young and vigorous (in her early middle years) and her hair was still dark. At the same time as she was driving, she was also folding some clothes.

My brother Chris and my sister were also in the car. Chris (12-13 years old) was sitting next to me in the front passenger seat. Because he had muscular dystrophy and could barely move, I was especially concerned whether he was buckled in well and whether he was comfortable. When I checked him, he indicated he was doing fine, and that I didn't need to worry. But I still felt uneasy about him. My sister, who was a young girl, was sitting out of my sight in the back seat.

We were taking a trip of around 1,600 kilometers from Texas to Ohio, and had already been traveling all day. I had dozed off and when I awoke, I saw it was almost 7 p.m. I knew I needed to get busy working on the book of dreams which I was writing. I had put myself on a schedule to work on the book every day. But I was also concerned that my mother might be tired of driving and that perhaps I should take over for a while. I was noticing that she seemed to be driving rather erratically. When a police car suddenly appeared behind us, I thought we were going to be pulled over; but the police passed us without incident. My mother passed a slow moving pickup truck, then swerved to miss another pickup stalled in the passing lane. Her driving wasn't terrible, but it appeared to me that she was having problems. However when I suggested that I take over the driving for a while, she seemed reluctant to let me drive.

As I turned around and talked with her, I noticed that the back door, on the right side of the car, wasn't tightly shut. I reached around to the door, opened it and pulled it shut, but the door still didn't close completely. I tried to see if anything was stuck in the door. But first I had to move out of my way a pile of videocassette tapes  lying on the back floor.

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