Dream of: 02 December 1997 "Advised By God"

Several other people and I were competing in a contest in which God was guiding me, advising me how to win. The basic premise of the contest was simple: it was a foot race across a brown field. Although the field appeared uncultivated, it had a peculiar quality such as I had never seen before: as we would run across the field, pieces of wood would suddenly pop up out of the ground.

The pieces of wood were vaguely the size and shape of bowling pins, only with rougher and sharper edges to them. They were all arranged neatly in rows along the length of the field, in the same direction which we were running. The pins would stay above the surface for a short while, then sink mysteriously back into the ground, only to reappear again after a short lapse.

I had the advantage over the other runners because God was guiding me through the sticks. It was extremely important to know just where to run. Occasionally two of the sticks would pop up right next to each other, giving me a clue: by scanning the field and taking note of where two sticks were standing together, I was able to better determine exactly where to run.

Once the race began, I ran all the way across the field with little problem. At the end of the field, I had to pick up another person and return to the starting line, carrying the person on my back. Then I had to repeat everything again from the beginning, over and over, running across the field and carrying someone back.

As the race continued and other runners began to be eliminated, it appeared more and more likely that I was going to win. If I did win, I would then be chosen by God to complete a task which God had waiting for me.

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