Dream of: 01 December 1997 "Picture Of God"

As I was sitting in front of my computer, reading a dream which I had written, I became extremely alarmed by what I saw. The dream wasn't written in words, but in small dots. By arranging the dots in a certain way, I was able to create a picture of God. But not only did I see God, I was also able to glimpse what God had planned for me in the future – and that future was very, very dim – it looked as if something horrible were going to happen to me.

The picture was beginning to look so dismal, I didn't even want to finish putting the dots together. However, from the part of the bleak picture which I had already completed, I could read that I was being ordered to finish arranging all the dots so I could view the whole picture.

As I continued working on the dots, a feeling of terror began creeping over me. I was beginning to feel ill, terrified by the queasy realization that I must complete the picture, and that there was no escape from what was awaiting me.

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