Dream of: 29 November 1997 "Loss Of Control"

Carolina and I were walking through a lush field on a farm in Gallia County. At first I didn't think the field had been cultivated; but as I looked closer, I realized a crop of some kind of brown grain was growing in the field. The crop stood uniformly about waist high across the entire field. Only a few green weeds were sticking up here and there among the rich brown grain. Wondering what kind of grain was growing here, I broke off a few seeds and crushed off the husks in my hand. I told Carolina I thought the grain might be barley; but the four little seeds in my hand were white, unlike what I would have expected for barley.

Since I now realized a crop was growing in the field, I figured the owner of the field wouldn't want us tramping around on the plants. From where we were standing, I could see the two-story white frame house of the owner. Although the house was fairly far away, I thought I could even see the farmer himself working near the house. I would like to go and talk with him. I had never met the farmer, and thought it was time to do so. But first, I knew Carolina and I needed to leave the field, hopefully before the farmer saw us and became angry. We walked back over to the barbed wire fence to the place the wire was slack, the same place where we had entered the field. I first held the wires apart for Carolina, then I passed through myself.

We boarded the black jeep which we had driven to the field. I intended to drive around to the other side of the field, where a path wound through the woods, and head for the farmer's house. Heading over an overgrown dirt road around the field, I soon reached the woods. Once I was in the forest, the road changed dramatically, Instead of being on soft dirt, we were soon driving along a road of solid rock. It seemed as if the rock was the floor of a creek bed, because the farther we traveled, the lower we descended between two rock banks on each side of us. And the more we traveled, the more our vehicle changed. Gradually, instead of being inside the jeep, we ended up sitting on a seat which by itself was moving along over the rocks. And finally even the seat disappeared, so we were left on our feet walking along the rock bed.

The structure of the rock fascinated me. I had been completely unaware that such a road existed, tucked away in the forest. Of course from the field I had been unable to see the road because of the trees. Probably only a few people knew about this place. I thought it would make a wonderful park area, if the property could somehow be obtained by the government.

Carolina and I had only continued walking a short distance, when we realized the road ended up at the house, right inside the house. We appeared to be in the house's badly damaged basement. The walls were awry and seemed to have cracks in them. But worst of all, water was gushing from somewhere, covering the floors.

Seeing the stairs, I walked over to them, looked up toward the top and hollered. Immediately an elderly couple appeared at the top of the stairs and starred down at us. I began talking to them, trying to explain that Carolina and I had come to visit them. I was afraid that the couple would be angry, that they wouldn't want us here. But to my surprise, they were quite friendly and seemed happy to see us. They invited us upstairs.

I was ready to ascend, but I was still curious about the nature of the damage in the basement. I reflected how the damaged walls and the gushing water seemed symbolic to me. I thought that if I had seen such a scene in a dream, I would interpret it as signifying that there was some kind of sexual problem, perhaps loss of control over sexual desires.

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