Dream of: 28 November 1997 "Talking Bird"

I had found a little yellow baby bird (somewhat like a baby chicken) and brought it into the house to take care of it. I had found baby birds before and they had always died; but this bird was thriving and I enjoyed watching it run around the house. It even climbed up on my shoulders and on top of my head. I also had a small tree in the house which it would climb. I was amazed at how well the agile little creature could move around.

I also noticed that the bird was learning to speak. I had been playing some compact discs with French music (especially one compact disc by the singer Patricia Kaas which I played over and over), and the bird was learning to speak French by mimicking the words on the tapes. I was amazed that a baby could learn the language so quickly. I heard the bird say "man a cote," which I thought meant "man at the side."

Even now a French tape was playing on a tape player. When the little bird went to the player and began pressing the buttons, I stopped it. I began trying to explain to the bird what the buttons meant. But as I began explaining, I realized the little bird was now a little blonde-haired girl (about 4 years old). She was very pretty and dressed in a little yellow dress.

Now I realized I couldn't simply put my hand on any part of her body, for example her butt, as I had been able to do with the little bird. Now that I knew I was raising a baby girl in the house, I would have to be more careful.

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