Dream of: 22 November 1997 "The Wish"

Another fellow and I were playing a game of golf, using only one golf ball. The ball was hit out of sight, and both of us went looking for it. I was the first to see the ball lying in a tuft of grass near a pond. I pointed the ball out to the other fellow, and told him I would allow him to claim that he had seen the ball first. Being able to claim the first sighting of the ball was highly important: the person who saw the ball first would be granted a wish for anything he wanted.

However, I had a request for my companion. I wanted him to give credit for seeing the ball first to someone else: to my brother Chris. I knew Chris was following along behind us, although I couldn't see him. I myself was unable to bestow the first sighting on Chris. But my companion could. I thought it was a long shot that my companion would grant my request — but he did!

I was immediately struck by a flood of emotion. I didn't know how Chris would use the wish, but I was sure that some good would come of it. My emotions reflected my hope. Seemingly at the same time, I felt the pain of sorrow for Chris having muscular dystrophy, and the joy of hope that he would be able to use his wish to good purpose. The combined feeling was a jolt, such as I had rarely felt before.

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