Dream of: 21 November 1997 "Spinach"

In my present state of mind, I wasn't interested in doing anything. My mettle was depleted. Lying on my side, I wouldn't get up, I wouldn't move. People were beginning to worry about me. I myself, however, was unworried. I knew my present state was a result of some action which God was taking against me, and that I didn't need to worry. So I just lay there, smoldering, with my eyes closed, almost, but not quite, asleep. I was placidly aware that time was running out, that God must intervene soon, or I would be lost. I even felt as if I were beginning to sink into the ground, as if I were languishing on a small round platform receding into the earth.

Suddenly, a word reverberated in my mind, jolting me. Although I didn't move, I was wide awake. The word: "Spinach." I instantly knew the significance of the word. I had been waiting for guidance from God, some kind of sign to show me my direction. I now understood that this particular word was intended to give me strength, similar to the way spinach had affected Popeye in the old cartoons.

Feeling strong, I stood up. However – now that I was on my feet – I realized I still needed God to tell me exactly what to do. I almost felt as if I were split in half. I had received part of the message, but I hadn't yet received the full word from God of what I should do. It seemed as if God had given me the strength; but now I needed to know the rest of the message – to know what to do with my strength.

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