Dream of: 17 November 1997 "Temples In The Distance"

Three or four other young men and women had been traveling with me for several hours, when we stopped to take a break at a building similar to a truck stop. Since I was the only one familiar with the place, I pointed out to the others where the restrooms and showers were. I also told one of the women in our group that the bathroom was used by both men and women.

Our business inside the building completed, we all walked outside and discovered that we were atop a tall mountain. I recalled having been on this mountain once before, but that time was far in the past, and I had almost forgotten this place. The view from the mountain top was one of the most magnificent views I had ever seen, only marred by some clouds and mist on the horizon. From where we stood, we could turn around and look in all directions. In the direction I was now looking, I could see a vast city stretched out in front of me. I immediately recognized the city as Manhattan and the street on which I was looking down as Fifth Avenue. The sight was staggering, not only for its splendor, but also because of its seeming closeness. We had left New York almost four hours ago, but Fifth Avenue appeared to be just a short walk from the top of the mountain.

Other cities sprawled in other directions. Off to my right lay a huge city dotted with the round domes of temples, as if from a Moslem land. I couldn't quite identify the city and I wondered where it was. Off to my right rose yet another city, which I thought was somewhere in the area of Washington D.C., although I couldn't precisely identify the city.

The top of the mountain was covered with grass and appeared to be part of a park, although some buildings were also on the mountain. I pointed out an apartment building to my companions, and commented about how wonderful it would be to live on top of this mountain, with this magnificent view. As we stared up at the windows of the building from outside, a woman walked up to the window from inside and looked out. She was a tall slender woman with light hair (about 50 years old). I contemplated how fortunate she was to live up there. At least my companions and I were able to visit the mountain top, if not actually live there.

I noticed a couple row boats floating on the surface of a nearby pond. There was also a sandy spot where large umbrellas could be set up for protection from the sun. Obviously the place was visited by many people during the summer, the time when I would most like to be there. It seemed that the last time I had been there had been in the winter, when snow covered the ground, and most people came to ski. I would prefer being up here in the summer so I could take walks through the green trees and grass.

Dream Commentary of 28 November 2015

Moslem temple-goers, like Christians, have in common with some members of the Dream Journal the belief in an afterlife.

The link between mosques and churches is "worship."

What is the moral to be found in my dreams of places of worship

Everyone on the Dream Journal is necessarily a writer.

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