Dream of: 14 November 1997 "George Costanza"

While visiting New York City, I had decided to visit George Costanza (the character played by Jason Alexander in the television series "Seinfeld"). George and I had known each other for quite a while, although we weren't close friends. To find him, I had to go to his place of employment, which seemed to be a large brokerage firm. He was sitting at a desk in a room with dozens — perhaps hundreds — of other people, who were also sitting at desks. Standing in the doorway, I decided it would be best not to intrude on George while he was working, but to simply wait until he was ready to leave.

At the end of the day, when the workers began departing, George also walked out and boarded a passenger bus. Still not making myself known to him, I boarded the same bus. George sat down in the rear of the bus, in the last seat, while I sat in a seat along the wall toward the middle of the bus, looking out onto the aisle. But I still didn't say anything to George. I was having second thoughts about whether I should even approach him. I really didn't know him that well, and I was beginning to question whether I even wanted to know him. As I observed him, I realized he wasn't as pleasant of a person as I had originally thought. He even seemed to have a definite nasty streak in him.

Finally, however, I realized I would probably have to talk with him. The bus was going to drop us off at a spot quite far from where I needed to go. I thought George's car would be parked at the place where the bus would stop, and that George would be able to give me a ride.

When I walked back and began talking to him, he recognized me immediately, although he was hardly effusive about seeing me. He seemed to take my presence as a matter-of-course. He did however indicate that he would probably be too busy with something that evening to spend any time with me. At the same time he mentioned that he had planned to go to a concert by Celine Dion, but that he had had to cancel. Seizing on what he said, I asked him if he still had the tickets to the concert. He gave a wry smile, reached into his pocket and pulled out two tickets. As he handed the tickets to me, I gushed that I liked to listen to an album of French songs which Dion had cut. I would definitely like to see her in concert.

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