Dream of: 11 November 1997 "Wedding Party"

Even though we were already married, Carolina and I were going to have a second wedding. Carolina planned to invite a large number of guests to the wedding, which would be held in either a church, or in a wedding chapel which we knew of in Hurst, Texas, close to where we lived.

Prior to the wedding, Carolina had decided to have a party, and had invited 15-20 couples, people whom we knew, to a pre-wedding party. We had all gathered together and were sitting at long tables in an outside area out in the country, with trees in the background. The party however was turning into a flop. People were unhappy because they had had to drive for about an hour to find this place. And since the wedding wasn't today, everyone would have to turn out again for the actual wedding and the wedding-day party.

I was sitting at one of the long tables, and sitting next to me on my right was a comely woman (about 30 years old) who was the wife of one of the men at the party. I was quite attracted to her and she was obviously attracted to me. Both of us had been drinking beer; I was on my second long-necked bottle of a tasty imported beer. Even though Carolina was sitting just on the other side of her, the woman moved so close to me that my right cheek was touching the woman's left cheek. And she offered no resistance when I laid my right hand on top of her left leg. It was extremely erotic, sitting so close to her, with so many other people all around us. But I would have rather been alone with her. I wanted to kiss her, but I wasn't quite that daring. I thought maybe a house was nearby, and I could lead her there.

The woman mentioned she had already drunk eight beers. I reckoned that she was holding her beer much better than I. I had only had two, and was already feeling intoxicated.

Finally, amid a general feeling of disappointment, the party began breaking up, and people began clearing off the tables. I also felt let down as I finally had to separate from the woman. I wondered if Carolina had seen anything. I felt somewhat guilty about having been so close to the woman, but the feeling had been so overwhelming, I had just not been able to help it.

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