Dream of: 04 November 1997 "A Trip To The Country"

My father, two other people and I had ridden in a car out into the country. We first traveled on a country road, then a dirt road in the woods, and finally on no more than a path. When the trail abruptly ended at the edge of a body of water, we stopped the car, stepped out, and looked around.

I focused my attention on the water – so clear I could see the fish swimming around in it. I pointed out a large school of fish to my companions. A large lobster swam up close to where we were, then disappeared under something on the bottom of the water. I stared at the water for quite a while, amazed by its clarity. I couldn't recall having ever seen water so deep that was so clear.

We all turned and walked into a small building standing near us. The building housed one large room and appeared to be accessible to anyone who wanted to use it. The room was sparsely furnished with two or three armchairs and a small wooden table.

Three or four young girls were also in the room. My companions and I talked with the girls for a while. My father told me that meeting girls in a place like this was rare, and that I should take advantage of the situation. So finally one girl (probably 13-14 years old) and I moved alone over to a side room where no one could see us. She was short and thin and had practically no breasts. I said, "I think I'm in love with you." Standing behind her, I put my hand around her and placed it on her small breasts. I thought I would then let my hand glide right down her front-side, into her pants. I glanced around to make sure no one had heard what I had said. She replied, "You never said anything like that before."


Back in the main room, I was still trying to get my bearings, as I wasn't completely sure where we were. My wife Carolina was now among the people in the room.

I knew we had traveled for quite a while before we had reached this place and I felt as if we were somewhere in Gallia County, Ohio. It was already late, and the young girls soon said they had to leave. My group also needed to be moving on.

However, we had several problems. We had brought a couple chairs with us, and the question now was whether I wanted to take the chairs back with me. I had originally planned to do so, but now I realized we weren't actually in a car, but on bicycles. I simply couldn't lug these chairs around on a bicycle. I finally looked at a map; we had perhaps seven kilometers to ride, and it was growing dark fast

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