Dream of: 30 October 1997 "Perceived Threat"

Carolina and I were taking a trip through the western United States, by car, with my pet Dalmatian Chaucer and my pet Dalmatian Picasso. We had spent the night in a shabby motel and now, the following morning, we were watching television. Hearing a knock at the door, I walked over and opened it. A gruff fellow with a stubby black beard walked in and headed to the television set. He found a white plastic knob on the wall, about face high, above the television, and began turning it. He said the knob controlled the antennae in the other motel rooms. Since I knew the television which Carolina and I had been watching was hooked to cable and not to an antenna, I was surprised when the show on our television also changed.

I was also worried I had made a mistake by letting the fellow in. Something threatening in his behavior alarmed me. Sensing danger, I walked over to the door and looked outside through a window in the door. I could see another man, dressed in a tan jacket, standing right outside the door. The man outside looked even more sinister than the fellow in the room. I was rapidly concluding the two men meant to do us harm, to attack or to rob us

Thus it was an immense relief when the fellow inside turned and walked back out. Nevertheless I was certain the respite was only momentary. Convinced that the fellow had simply been casing our room, and that the two of them would return at any moment, I told Carolina we must pack and leave immediately. If the two men returned, I was uncertain that I would be able to fend them off, or that anyone would respond to our calls for help. I felt sure we were probably in a run-down neighborhood where no one would assist us. I might be able to scare them by sicing the dogs on them, but that would be a ruse: although the dogs would probably bark at the men, I doubted they would actually attack. My last line of defense was some knives which I was carrying. I was wearing a jacket which had straps on the inside, under my left arm, where I had placed three knives. If it came to it, I could pull the knives and try to defend myself with them.

Carolina and I began scrambling to gather our belongings. For some reason we had carted all sorts of our possessions into the little room, so it was difficult to pull everything together. I finally opened the door and seeing the coast was clear, I began carrying things out to the car. Meanwhile, Chaucer and Picasso ran off to a nearby wooded area, near the highway. I hoped they would stay out of traffic.

As our loading proceeded, I also began moving items from the front of the car to the trunk. It was hard to believe we were traveling with so many possessions. I wasn't even sure where Chaucer and Picasso were going to ride. I thought I might leave room for them in the trunk. I knew I normally didn't put them in the trunk, but I had to make room for them somewhere.

While I was arranging bags and boxes in the trunk, I heard loud music wafted from the area near the front of the car. A boom box? Looking toward the front, I saw a snazzy orange car had pulled up right beside our car. I was immediately alarmed, thinking the two men might have returned in the car. When I walked up to the side of the car and peered in, I saw no one. I didn't see anyone outside either. I couldn't figure out what had happened to whoever had driven up in the car.

I only knew I wanted to get out of here as fast as possible. I again checked my knives. All their shiny blades were still in place. However I was uncertain how I would use them. If I were attacked, maybe I would just throw them at the men as hard as I could, hoping I could stab them that way. I looked all around, thinking the men could be hiding and might jump out at us at any time. I turned to Carolina and said, "I can feel it," referring to how certain I was that the men would soon be upon us.

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