Dream of: 27 October 1997 (2) "Catching A Dream"

Lying in bed asleep, I suddenly woke up and called to Carolina, who was lying in a bed close to me, telling her that I had caught a fish. My bed was right on the shore of a lake, and before going to sleep, I had cast the line of my fishing pole into the water, and had then slept for about an hour and half. I stood up, again called to Carolina that I had a big one, and began trying to reel it in. The fish was fighting, trying to swim under a small paddle boat close to the shore. But finally I was able to pull it up out of the water and unto the bank.

The fist was about fifteen centimeters long, a black-green color, like a bass; only the size of its body looked more like a large bluegill. I held it in my hand, looked down into its mouth so I could extract the hook. The fish had a tiny little tongue in which the hook was imbedded. I called out to Carolina that I had lost the red lure that had been attached to the hook. I was sorry to have lost it.

Once I had the hook out of the mouth, I laid the fish over to the side; now I had to figure out what to do with it. I didn't want to kill the fish yet, and I looked for something that would hold water. Finally I found a large cardboard box which seemed to be reinforced at the bottom with extra glued-on paper. I poured about ten centimeters of water into the box, then went back to pick up the fish from where I had laid it. I was surprised to see that I apparently had already left the fish out of water too long: it looked as if the fish might have already died. When I picked the fish up, I saw that its body was bent stiff in a sideways curve and that it appeared to have died in that position.

I dropped the fish in the box and watched it. At first it just lay there, but then I saw its mouth start to move and finally the whole body began moving around. Soon the fish was swimming, and finally it even managed to climb up the side of the box. I had to close the lid to prevent the fish's escaping.

I realized the cardboard box wasn't going to hold water long; it looked as if the box was already leaking. Obviously I needed another receptacle for the fish. I looked around me for something else, and finally noticed a large bathtub nearby, one of the big old kind with four feet. I thought I could fill up the bathtub with water and put the fish there.

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