Dream of: 27 October 1997 "Condensed Superman"

our lives become our stories

I was flipping through a thick comic book which I was thinking of buying. The comic was filled with short comic-picture stories derived from a vast array of comics, both Marvel and DC. Each story was only three or four pages long, and each story seemed to be a condensation of a current comic book. For example, I glimpsed one story about Superman and another about Supergirl. I also saw several different stories about Marvel super heroes. It looked as if all the stories had been done by novice artists, and not the more experienced artists who had drawn the original comic books. These beginner artists were being given a chance to prove themselves in these short stories.

Thumbing through the stories, I also noticed several titles of which I had never heard. Some looked as if they might be interesting. One was titled "Doobie Gillis." At first I thought the story would be about Dobie Gillis (the lead character in the old television series, "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis"), but the story wasn't about Dobie Gillis at all. This comic story was about a comic super hero figure dressed in garish garb. I thought it might be interesting.

As I glanced at another story, I noticed one frame which showed a funny-looking fellow sitting in front of a large fireplace. Over the mantel of the fireplace were several pictures of peculiar-looking weather vanes. Although the weather vanes seemed to contain some abstruse meaning, I couldn't divine what that meaning was. Nevertheless I thought I might like to read this particular comic.

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