Dream of: 13 October 1997 "Suspicion"

A woman who was my wife was sitting with me in an auditorium, watching a production on the stage, a production in Spanish. The woman was probably in her mid 20s. She had long black hair and closely resembled my high school sweetheart, Birdie.

I was highly suspicious that she had been having an affair with another man. The man was married and he and his wife were also present at this particular production, seated in the balcony section behind us. I thought that this would be a good opportunity for me to discover whether my wife was indeed cheating on me.

I told her that I was going to go outside for a little while, and I excused myself. However instead of stepping outside, I walked to the back of the auditorium, and then ascended to the balcony. It was my plan to find a secluded spot in the balcony, and from there, watch what my wife was doing. I thought I would be able to see if she made some contact with the other man.

However, once in the balcony I began having difficulties. The balcony was divided into several sections. When I reached the first section of the balcony, I realized that from this section I could see neither the stage nor my wife. Besides that, few seats were unoccupied, and all the open seats were right next to other people. There was no place where I could sit completely by myself.

I walked around to another section of the balcony, disappointed that I still couldn't see the stage or my wife, and that I couldn't find an isolated seat. I could still hear part of the production, and I found it curious that I wasn't content to simply sit down and listen. Since the production was in Spanish, I would normally be interested in listening, because I liked Spanish so much.

I could also hear people talking Spanish in the balcony. In fact it looked as if everyone in the balcony was Hispanic. However I didn't see the man whom I suspected of having an affair with my wife. I hoped he wouldn't see me. I was beginning to feel a little ridiculous.

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