Dream of: 14 September 1997 (2) "New Friends"

I was driving a car with my wife Carolina sitting in the front seat with me. We were on a small gravel road, headed toward the Gallia County Farm. The sides of the road were lushly thick with uncut vegetation, overhanging so much that the road was only wide enough for one car. Suddenly I saw something right in the middle of the road and was just barely able to swerve around it. It was a small blue patio table, the kind with a big umbrella-like covering on a pole in the middle of the table. Several chairs were neatly arranged around the table.

I continued on for perhaps another hundred meters, until I noticed a small house on my left. For some reason, I decided to stop, and without any clear reason for doing so, Carolina and I stepped from the car and walked right into the house. Inside we met a man and a woman (probably in their 30s) who had only recently moved into the house. The four of us sat down together around a table and talked. I immediately liked the man and woman, and I realized they were practically our neighbors. Even though we were still several kilometers from the Farm (because the Farm was in such an isolated area), only one other house stood between this house and the Farm.

The woman, who had raven-black hair like Carolina's, began singing in Spanish. I immediately concluded that she was Hispanic, and I thought how wonderful it would be if the four of us could get to know each other and speak Spanish together. I didn't know if they knew yet that Carolina was a native Spanish speaker and that I also spoke good Spanish. I just hoped the man also spoke Spanish. I wondered what they were doing living way out there. How wonderful if the man turned out to be a writer. Maybe he was working on writing something right now. We could get together and read each other's books. I thought about what I would show him, I knew I was working on a book of dreams which would contain the dreams in which my father had appeared. I had been compiling the dreams for many years and was finally on the verge of putting them in book form. If I showed any dreams to the man, I would probably concentrate on the more recent dreams which were written much better than the earlier ones. I thought the man and I might have much which we could teach each other.


I was lying in a bed, the sun just beginning to shine in through the windows; I needed a moment to realize where I was: Carolina and I had spent the night at the house of the man and woman. That was unusual for us. But I remembered how quickly I had concluded that these were the kind of people we liked, and how compatible I had felt with them.

Just as I stood up from the bed, both the man and woman came running into the room, laughing and playing. As both of them fell on top of each other on my bed, I immediately noticed that the woman was completely naked. I seemed to recall that the four of us had had some kind of sexual activity the previous night – but the affair was vague in my mind. However, now I became aroused by the woman's body, and I tried to get a better look at it. Finally she rolled over on her back, with her legs spread right in front of me. I also was naked and I took her movement as an invitation. Sensing that her husband didn't seem to mind, I jumped on top of her. Her body was slight and her breasts were small; but she was in extremely good shape – tight and lean. Being with her was purely delicious and I soon felt my penis slip inside her. At first I only seemed to have a partial erection and was a having a bit of difficulty; but soon I was having no problem at all. My only doubt arose from my not wearing a condom: I was unsure that she didn't have any diseases. I was taking a terrible chance, since I might be endangering Carolina by doing this. These thoughts severely impacted on my pleasure.


Fully dressed, I walked into the next room, expecting to find Carolina. But instead of Carolina, I found my grandmother Mabel. Although my grandmother seemed old, she nevertheless seemed as strong and healthy as Carolina. It seemed that she instead of Carolina had come to this house with me. I walked over to her and gave her a hug. Now it was time for us to leave. I asked her what time it was and she said it was either 10:30 or 11:00 (I was unsure which). A large round white-faced clock was hanging on the wall. However, the view of the clock was partially obstructed so I couldn't tell what time it was. I only knew it was time to go.

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